mia yao meng / jellyberg





We Live as We Dream - Alone

virtual reality program, mirrors

installation view

“We Live As We Dream - Alone” is a VR project that speaks to how virtual reality technology is actively excluding the physical body from its own virtual dataspaces. In this installation, viewers are not able to find their body's reflections in the virtual mirror. Instead, their body images are captured by the webcam and projected onto the floating panels in VR. They will also find hundreds of CG bodies distributed in this white void space where the disembodied mind wanders.
According to the quotation by Joseph Conrad, human life constitutes the condition of solitariness and isolation, since one’s mind is a relatively private realm that others have no easy access to. In this technological era, where should we place our body as it’s being extracted as pure data for systems of datasets?

presented at CalArts MFA Group Show “20/20”
presented at CalArts Center for Integrated Media

screenshots from VR viewport