mia yao meng / jellyberg





Swipe Left,
Swipe Right

video (looped), 3 minutes 51 seconds, flat-screen TV


Swipe Left, Swipe Right is part of a 4-channel video installation on reflection of the repetitive gestures we perform on a routine basis in order to interact (as the trigger and the data input) with networked devices such as smartphones and laptops. These touch gestures are abstracted/flattened in the design process and transformed into online behaviors. This habit-formation process only takes us a few attempts to get into new games of communications and interactions. How and by whom is this gestural language designed? Where is it taking our bodily actions to? As gestural controls are being further developed to blending the online/virtual world and the “real world”, this project reveals something intimate and problematic, wandering around the missing context left behind through our online interactions.

presented at CalArts Center for Integrated Media
featured on Artforum MFA spotlight