mia yao meng / jellyberg





Hyperreal Gestures

(work in progress)
multimedia installation,
virtual reality,
video series

charge overnight
screenshot from “charge overnight”

screenshot from “seek”

According to Flusser Vilém, gestures can be described as “expressions of intention” via the movement of the body or of the tools connected to the body, hence the observation of such gestures allow us to “decipher” how we exist in the world. Born in the computer age and having studied computer graphics, I grew an only stronger attachment to computers and digital devices. Therefore, it’s significant for me and people who are like me to observe our behaviors, and decode the change in our gestures as one way to understand our current existential conditions.

presented at CalArts Expo 2020

installation view of “click and hold”

installation view of “swipe left, swipe right”

screenshot of the VR viewport