mia yao meng / jellyberg





What’s Making Me Happy: Listening: Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe / Reading: Goodbye, Again by Jonny Sun

Artist Statement
I'm a media artist, interaction designer, and creative technologist working through videos, interface design, installations, and virtual reality. I get my inspiration from observations on the transformations the society is going through as well as people‘s behaviors and gestures in the mundane, from which I produce most of the work on a computer and present my understanding of current human conditions. 

My work involves elements of playfulness. Oftentimes I use humor and absurdity as strategies to engage the audience in looking at realities differently, through which I aim to dissect our mundane gestural engagements in order to explore the unknown consequences and to question the complacency of our actions in using technologies. My work answers the question of what it feels like to be a human living in the 21-century. My only closening relationship to digitization and the online world set an unsettling tone in my work. I aim to offer reflections on the phenomenology of behaviors as a way to help search for and understand the self, as well as the way we exist in the world. In doing so, I hope my audience can reconsider our unsolved relationships to objects, machines, and each other.